Wednesday, 31 July 2013


 -But that is the beginning of a new story—the story of the gradual renewal of 
a man, the story of his gradual regeneration, of his passing from one world into 
another, of his initiation into a new unknown life. That might be the subject of a new 
story, but our present story is ended. –Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment.

Dear readers-
It´s been a while since i wrote on this blog. And todays post will be the last. This blog has been a great pleasure to me, and i have received a lot of very nice comments and also had some very fine conversations with a few persons. In some cases i feel very honored to share your inner thoughts, and i must say that you have flattered me in a way that i never could imagine. I´m very grateful for all of you.
But i ´ve reached the end now. I can not think of any other way that i could take a pic of me in my underwear that would not be boring. This has been great fun, and i´ve enjoyed every second.
This blog started as a tale of a man wearing ladies underwear in secret. It ends differently.

Let me tell you. All you faithful readers already know that i have a great relationship with my ex wife. Well, a few weeks ago we spoke on the phone and we decided to have dinner together with a few good friends when she came to town a few days later. Then the subject of my cross dressing came up. She said that she understood my desire, and said that it was time i told some of my best friends. I told her that there was some persons that i would be perfectly comfortable with telling, and among those were Robb and Sandy who we were supposed to dinner with three days later. We chatted along, but the subject stuck in my head, and the next day i texted her "will you support me if i come out to Robb and Alexander y" to which the answer was "of course". On wednesday Sandy and Robb came over for dinner. Roberta was wearing a lovely dress in  thick racing green which i complimented her on.
Well, we had a great dinner. Lots of chat and the ladies football on the telly in the background (our country lost to Ze Germans btw), talk about equality, gender, music and politics. Maria kept her eyes on me urging me to start telling, but there never seemed to be an opportunity. But then the subject turned to a mutual friend who is a tailor for stage costumes who had to bring along a dress for finishing into the countryside a few weeks ago when Sandy and Robb were on a weekend. Apparently, Alexander had a perfect size and had to serve as a model for the dress which had caused a great enjoyment.
Well, this was the moment i had been waiting for.
- I would like modeling a dress. In fact, i enjoy wearing a skirt and a blouse when i´m alone and i think your dress is gorgeous Robb.
- Thanks, would you like to try it on?
One minute later me and Roberta were in my bedroom changing clothes with each other. She put on my pinstriped button down shirt and my Levis, i was straggling with her dress. Fit around hips and chest was OK but my shoulders were to broad.
-Well, it doesn´t fit. If i try it might get ripped.
-Then you have to wear something from your own wardrobe. You can´t stop now.
So i grabbed a blouse, bra, fishnet holdups and an blouse. Strangely, there was nothing special about getting dressed while someone else was watching. It was more  sense of hurry, because Maria and Alexander was waiting to see.
When we stepped out in the kitchen there was an instant complaint from Maria:
- No shoes! I want to see you in pumps!
So i had to get back to my wardrobe and put my pumps on.
Then the evening resumed, me in ladies clothing and Robb in mine. After chatting about different subjects for a while we spoke about  my crossdressing, but there was a a very relaxed feeling. Nothing felt odd, and i did not feel any excitement. We were just four good friends,
Later on Maria and i were going to bed in separate bedrooms but we both had the door open when we undressed. So we stood there both in bra and panties and looked at each other, laughed and then we hugged and said good night.
The next morning we spoke about it. I mentioned that last evening had been so strangely normal, i had expected it to be a more upheaving moment.
- Yea, but it was just you, doing the things you do when you have guests. Telling which farmhouse cheese you are serving, filling the dishwasher, playing music, bringing more wine. After a while i forgot what you were wearing.
I received text messages from both Sandy and Robb the next day.
Alexanders was the shortest:
- You got nothing to be ashamed of. Hugs, A.
Roberta´s was a little bit longer:
- Querida, I am shocked and offended after yesterday. How dare you serve sausages with rice? It should have been mashed potatoes and mustard, or at least as my butcher dad used to do, toss a bag of crisps on the table!
My reply was:
- Dear Robb, we had Italian Truffle Salsiccia from one of the best butchers in Tuscany, so it was very proper to serve it with an risotto. Besides, this is not the season for mashed potatoes.There is not a single potato in the whole of Europe that will make a decent mash right now.

And so this story ends. I have for the first time in my life been fully dressed in front of my friends.
Without this blog i might never have gotten to this point. Writing about my sexual identity, sharing my experiences and having you reading and watching has been en enormous experience. I had tears in my eyes the first times some of you commented that i looked sexy or had  nice legs or such. From shame of myself, to be appreciated and seen as sexy and then to be seen as normal has been a wonderful journey.

I love you. Thank you for reading and watching.
XXX, Lacey.

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Happy pet said...

So pleased to hear it all worked out well and best wishes for the future. Keep having fun and being true to who you are.